To use this bot just install on your pc or a spare pc.
Once installed you will have to 'Set Music Path'
to your music folder, you can select one folder or a
folder with sub folders, just select option 'Include Sub Folders'
if your music folder has other music sub folders in it,
it will know of the other sub folders, now right click the
Camfrog DJ icon on your System Tray to view its Menus.
Select menu 'Settings' >> 'Authorized Users', in here
add nick names that will be using the Camfrog DJ VIA IM's.
Once this is all done, have someone IM Camfrog DJ !help
this will give them or you if u installed on a second pc a list
of commands for Camfrog DJ.

*NOTE: Make sure the camfrog client using Camfrog DJ has Time Stamps, Turned Off*

*NOTE: Make sure your friends nick names are added to Authorized Users*

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